Elyssa Edgerly, January 12, 2021

Inspiration Captured Through the Lens

Subtleties of light. Desert varnish. Trees dressed in snow. Silhouettes of dancing eucalyptus, century plants, aspen trees. Canyon walls ablaze with light and shadow. Buds unfurling into expansion and bloom. Emergence. Looking up into canopies of green gladed glory. Looking down into worlds of lichen and leaf. Walking through the landscape after rain…profound petrichor and the aliveness of plants in gratitude.

My collection of photographs spans many beautiful regions of the earth. Enjoy some of my delights along the way…

“In contact with the native forms of the earth, one’s
senses are slowly energized and awakened, combining and recombining in ever-shifting patterns.”

— David Abram in 'The Spell of the Sensuous'