A global traveler with a passion for surfing, climbing, and skiing in remote destinations, Elyssa channels a love for all things wild and free into her artwork.

As a mixed media artist and oil painter, she celebrates the natural world with an abstract realism style that embraces color and spontaneity.

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"The tones and color add a quality of life to my home..."

"Elyssa's art captivates me. The tones and color add a quality of life to my home and make everyone stop and breathe for a moment when they first encounter her artwork. There is a story that holds the viewer in time and allows each individual to find the "meaning" behind the images that "speak" of "movement and Life". "I" as an art collector find it impossible to not be drawn to her work and the feelings the pieces elicit. For me I feel "hope, yearning and momentum" in the pieces I have added to my home."

⏤ Rob T. (Collector)


"Our original painting brings so much joy..."

"Elyssa’s vision and eye for creativity is evident in every piece. Our original painting brings so much joy every time we look at it. It transports you into a different world of wonder and joy. Her quality is unmatched, we can’t wait to continue collecting her stunning and unique artwork!"

⏤ Caitlin D. (collector)


Dreams of Winter

‘Time in the white room is ultimate presence.
Snowy flow state defies gravity.’

← Worship Winter


‘Permission to transcend. Moving gracefully through change.’

Embrace Spring →

Bountiful Beltane

'Welcoming pollinators and the bloom of summer.'

← Celebrate Summer


‘Forest bathing. Mossy footsteps on leaf laden paths.
Ballads of bird. The spell of dappled gold radiance.’

Cherish Fall →

Life as a work of art…

enjoy a glimpse of my life & studio