“I am a reflection of nature and so are you."

This is a powerful yet simple remembrance. Our vitality and life force are directly tied to the earth and to natural processes. Portraying this connection inspires me to paint! The beauty of vast landscapes, outdoor exploration, dance, and time growing plants all nourish my creative soul. Translating these inspirations onto canvas allows me to distill my passions into artistic form. With vibrant brushstrokes and a diverse array of imagery, I aim to inspire a deep appreciation for biodiversity and humanity's connection with the natural world.

Self Portrait. Mixed Media Oil on Cold Pressed Paper. 2019


Elyssa is an independent artist and painter based in Paonia, Colorado. Originally self-taught, her first foray into painting was motivated by a desire to decorate the blank walls of her house in Byron Bay, Australia circa 2014. Since then Elyssa has consistently refined her artistic style, turning her hobby into a successful career as a professional artist. She is now a graduate of Milan Art Institute’s Mastery Program and has completed intensive trainings with notable artists such as Aloria Weaver, David Heskin, and Autumn Skye Morrison. Elyssa has exhibited multiple solo shows, been accepted into some of the nation’s premier juried art festivals, and continues to form relationships with a growing number of private collectors.

An global traveler with a passion for surfing,
climbing, and skiing in remote destinations, Elyssa channels a love for
all things wild and free into her artwork.

As a mixed media artist
and oil painter, she celebrates the natural world with an abstract
realism style that embraces color and spontaneity.


Elyssa’s appreciation for movement and the human form is rooted in her ballet and jazz dance training with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, and in her later work as an aerial acrobatic performer and coach in the United States and Australia. Her love for plants and botany is life long: as a girl exploring her mother’s gardens and the woods around her home, as a college student with a degree in Environmental Studies, and now as an artist and gardener on her high-desert oasis, permaculture property. Elyssa’s studio is perched high on a mesa with views of the surrounding mountain peaks and verdant valley. Frequent visits by mule deer, wild turkeys, and other wildlife inspire her artistic compositions and encourage daily outdoor sojourns. When she’s not painting Elyssa can be found outside in her garden or adventuring with her husband and daughter.


Relations (solo) - Cirque Gallery - Paonia, CO - 2022
Juried festival - Aspen Art Festival - Aspen, CO - 2022
Juried festival - Crested Butte Art Festival - Crested Butte, CO - 2022
Juried festival (1st Place Mixed Media Art) - Ridgway Rendezvous - Ridgway, CO - 2022
Golden (group) - West Elk Clinic Gallery - Hotchkiss, CO - 2020
Coalescence (solo) - Cirque Gallery - Paonia, CO - 2019
People of Paonia (group) - Leyline Gallery - Paonia, CO - 2019
Rise (group) - Birds Nest Gallery - Aspen, CO - 2018

Find inspiration in Elyssa's love for all things wild and free.