"It was by far the best and easiest experience with Elyssa."

"I reached out to Elyssa when my family and I moved into our new house to have her do two paintings for me. I have followed Elyssa for a while, and I love her work's vibrant colors and unique quality, so I knew I wanted a piece (or two or three). I have never commissioned paintings, so I didn't know what to expect, but it was by far the best and easiest experience with Elyssa. Her process is so easy; she was incredible at getting to the things I love, what I envisioned in the paintings, and what our space was like. Through each step of the process, she was very communicative. She sent me initial images of what she was working on and let me participate if I felt anything needed to be different. The paintings were better than I could have imagined when she delivered them. They both added color to our space and pulled it all together. They are my favorite pieces of art I have owned, and I want more! My favorite is when people come to our house and talk about how much they love them because I do, too! Looking at them makes me happy."

⏤ Stephanie C. (collector)

Custom one-of-a-kind paintings to enliven your home.

I would love to create an original piece of art specifically for you!

I will bring your vision to life and brighten your space with something special and unique.

The rate for commissions is $2.50 per square inch.

The smallest commission available is 18”x24”.

All commissions are custom painted on gallery wrapped canvas.


1) SIZE: Choose the size and orientation (portrait or landscape) of your painting.

2) COLOR: In a broad sense…what type of color palette do you prefer…feel free to go through my gallery and tell me which paintings/color palettes resonate with you.

3) IDEAS: Let me know what you are envisioning…what ideas would you like to see…abstract, imagery, symbolism, human figure, portrait, animals, botanical, landscape, tropical, etc.

4) MOCK-UP: I create a couple digital mock-ups for you to look over…you choose your favorite and can have input at this point…you can let me know if you want me to change anything before I start painting.

4) DEPOSIT: Initial 50% deposit is due for me to start painting.

5) PAINTING: My process includes many layers (initial sketch, modeling paste, inks, transparent acrylic washes, opaque acrylics, followed by several layers of transparent oil glazes and opaque oil paint.) These paintings take time to complete as there is drying time required between layers. There will be a point between the acrylic stage and the oil stage where I will check in with you for your approval. This will be your one opportunity during the painting process to request an alteration. I can send progress shots if that interests you!

6) FINAL PAYMENT: The second 50% of price is due after the painting is finalized with varnish and hanging hardware.

7) ARRIVAL: You receive your custom painting! (shipping is included)

Please Note!

*The initial mock-ups you receive will be digital designs. I will use the mock-up you select as a ‘guide’ for the painting’s composition. Please know that creative process is fluid and that the final painting will not be an exact copy of the mock-up. Color differences, textures, and abstract elements will come into play creating a completely unique work of art.

*Commissions can take up to 3 months for you to receive.

*I retain all print reproduction rights to commissioned works unless otherwise negotiated and specified in writing.

Please send me a message to start the process!


"I will definitely have her do another painting for me."

"Elyssa Edgerly painted a gorgeous picture of my granddaughter Emery Grace.  A similar painting was hanging in my office. I called Elyssa and she met with me quickly and the entire process was so easy! Elyssa is a kind, caring, and wonderful artist. I keep this painting in my office and have compliments on it daily. I need to get a second one for my other grand baby. Elyssa is incredible, I will definitely have her do another painting for me."

⏤ Diane D. (Collector)

"Exactly what we had in mind."

"Elyssa this is incredible! Exactly what we had in mind. You’re a magician. Keep doing what you’re doing!! We can’t wait to see the final product!"

⏤ Phoebe L. (Collector)

"She took my idea and dove even deeper..."

"I chose Elyssa to create a commissioned piece to embody a metaphoric message. I knew she would listen deeply to my idea, understand my intention and respect the message I wanted to impart in a symbolic way. The painting is beautiful, and captivating. Her creative flow was inspiring. She took my idea and dove even deeper, adding texture and symbolism that enhanced the message. The process was easy, with welcomed feedback and no pressure. Thank you Elyssa!!"

⏤ Gail E. (Collector)