Elyssa Edgerly, October 5, 2020

Love of the Land

This is a land of wild feathers, asparagus and blackberries. Tart plums. Monarchs and milkweed. Wild turkeys, apricots and pond swims. Endless gratitude for being a land steward here on this beautiful, bountiful piece of earth. This land blows me away with its offerings and fills me with awe as I see it change energies from season to season. Spring’s vibrancy and radiant green is topped off with fields of delicious wild asparagus. Summer is apricot abundance, savory salads and garlic scapes. Hot days bring us tomatoes off the vine and hummingbird chatter. Fall is a dance of color and snow dusted peaks. Winter is lots of time in the art studio, enjoying preserves and days skiing powder. Time for rest and going inward.

I believe positive change starts here…within us and within our homes. Creative outlets, regenerative farming, building soil, planting trees, eating from the land, and recharging ground water give me hope that this little piece of land can be a bigger inspiration for the globe at large. Small local work can ripple out and reap beautiful change, especially through networking, sharing time and knowledge, collaborating, and helping others toward a life that supports the earth. Let’s collaborate towards a bright green future. Reach out here…

  • The pond ::: an evolving canvas of radiance, reflection, and ripple.